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Free Stainless steel sink

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Natural Stone

Granite is an igneous rock, which means it was once molten and formed as it cooled deep within the earth. Minerals within granite typically appear as small flecks throughout the stone, displaying varying sized cyrstals creating a "salt and pepper" look. Other types have veining similar to marble. Granite is a dense-grained, hard stone. It can be highly polished or finished in a variety of other ways. A broad spectrum of color is available, from a light blush to deep black.

Granite's hard minerology makes it a great choice for countertops and flooring. It can be sealed to help prevent staining and its dense makeup makes it ideal for everyday use and high traffic areas.

There are thousands of types of stone that have been quarried through the centuries. Quarries are located all around the world. A majority of natural stone comes from Italy, Spain, Turkey, United States, Mexico, China, Taiwan, India, Greece, Canada, France, and Brazil.