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Free Stainless steel sink

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Edge Profiles

Free countertop edge - Half Bullnose

Half Bullnose

Free countertop edge - Full Bullnose

Full Bullnose

Free countertop edge - 1/4 Bevel

1/4" Bevel

Free countertop edge - 1/2 Bevel

1/2" Bevel

Free countertop edge - 1/2 Bevel

1" Bevel

Free countertop edge - Straight


Free countertop edge - Eased


Free countertop edge - Pencil


Straight Edge

Straight Edge is a simple, elegant and classic edge profile for granite or marble. This style is equally at home on modern counters or in a vintage kitchen that needs new life.

Pencil Edge

Pencil is another very current, and very popular granite edge that works in almost any setting.

Full Bullnose

Full Bullnose shows up everywhere – in residential and commercial settings. This soft edge style lets other design elements in the space take center stage. This edge is most popular in tradional settings.

Half Bullnose

Half Bullnose is another client favorite for when you want a little curve, but not the full traditional look of the full bullnose edge.


Ogee is an elegant and curvy edge we are often requested to cut for granite counter tops in more traditional homes.

1/4" Bevel

The Quarter Inch Bevel (1/4 inch bevel) is a good choice when you don’t want a rounded edge on your granite but still want some shape.

1/2" Bevel

The Half Inch Bevel (1/2 inch bevel) edge gives shape, yet still softens the look of the edge of a granite counter without going towards the rounded profiles.